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Celestial Magick

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Working with your Angels... I discovered the existence of my Guardian Angel when I was 16 years old, I was in Saint Mary County, Ridgeway Pennsylvania it was the '99' National Rainbow Gathering, about 45k nature-loving free spirits 'camping" in the Allegany National Forest, I was asked if I could drive down to the town.

o I agreed and my friend "J, myself, and the owner of this brand-new pickup truck, hit the dirt road heading down the mountain. I remember thinking to myself the speed limit is 35mph so why were the passing cars driving 5-10mph? The truth was I wanted to show off my driving skills, so I decided to press the gas, ... THIS NEXT PART, IS An EXPERIENCE I WILL NEVER FORGET...

Without warning the dirt road came to a complete turn an going the speed I couldn't make the turn... {The back driver's side of…

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Working with ANGELS? who, what, when, how??

Traditional practice, or a style all your own?

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    Working with ANGELS? who, what, when, how?? Traditional pra...
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