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Planet and Moon


Guardian Angels of Those Born on,,,

10.29-11.02 / ANGEL YELEHIAH

The 44th Name of God

He will bring Victory & Peace to your life


11.03-11.07 / ANGEL SEALIAH

The 45th Name of God

Angel of Motivation

When called on this Angel fills you with Courage, Will-Power, and Purity, This Angel Brings joy and hope for the future.

11.08-11.12 / ANGEL ARIEL


The 46th Name of God

Angel ARIEL is the Angel of Gratitude He also will enhance your psychic abilities through Dreams, and Meditation

11.13-11.17 / ANGEL ASAHIAH

The 47th Name of God.

The Angel of Mercy & Righteousness,

 He uncovers those who try to destroy others.

11.18-11.22 / ANGEL MIHAEL

The 48th Name of God

This Angel Represents, Fruitfulness, Abundance, and FertilityWhen called on, This Angel MIHAEL will deliver Inner and Outer Peace

11.23-11.27 / ANGEL VUHUEL

The 49th Name of God

Represents Spiritual Greatness & Wisdom

Angel VUHUEL will aid you in elevating towards Pure Enlightenment

11.28-12.02 / ANGEL DANIEL

The 50th Name of God

 if Angel DANIEL is your Guide, call on him to Assist you in building Confidence, Your Self Expression, Goodness, and Beauty



                 10-23 / 11-21

*The Scorpion

*Element~ Water

*Mode~ Fixed

*Colors~ Black & Red

*Planets~ Mars, Pluto

*House~ Eighth

*Tarot~ Death

*Number~ 13

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